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Event Details

4/20 campout

Time: April 17, 2020 at 1pm to April 19, 2020 at 11am
Location: Lake Solano County Park
Street: 8685 Pleasants Valley Road
City/Town: Winters, CA 95694
Website or Map: https://goo.gl/maps/YDZGpFcvE…
Phone: Park Office Phone: (530) 795-2990
Event Type: campout
Organized By: Joe Ehrlich (static@well.com)
Latest Activity: on Tuesday

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Event Description

In celebration of 4/20!

We will be camping again at Lake Solano County Park campground, which is technically in Winters, but somewhat closer to Vacaville. 

You'll need to reserve a site for yourself (and maybe your pal) in the range of sites from #39 to 45. That's the main VW area. If those run out, then consider snagging sites 8,9,10 or 11. And if those run out, there are lotsa other spaces.

PLEASE SHARE YOUR SITE. Or don't. No worries.

This campground is easy to get to, has a swell nature center, fishing opportunities and has unabashed roaming peacocks. 

Saturday night will feature PANTRY-RAID CHILI!!


Important notes:

(1.) This campground LOCKS ITS GATES at 9:00 pm. If you do not arrive before they lock the gates, you will be camping outside the gate until the following morning.

(2.) Although this event occurs on 4/20 day, it must be pointed out that all Solano County Campgrounds are smoke-free and they're quite serious about that.

Discretion is nine-tenths of the law.



Saturday at 11:00 am in the (TBA) Cornhole area. 

Practicing shall occur on Friday afternoon around beer:30

See Paul for more details.



Look in your pantry. Grab only *ONE* 14 oz. (or so) can that matches the description on the list below.

Then, bring that can (along with a bowl and spoon for yourself) to the camp out. We will add the contents of your contribution to a base of beef and onions.


Bring along one 14 oz. can of any of the things listed below:

Pinto beans
Red Kidney beans
White beans
Navy beans
Piquinto beans
Diced tomatoes
Diced tomatoes with Italian spices
Diced tomatoes with Jalapeños. 
Crushed tomatoes with Eye of Newt                               

Chopped tomatoes
Chili con carne                                                                             

Chili sin carne
Chili with beans
Chili without beans

Roadkill Chili 

Rotel tomatoes

Ranch Style (tm) brand beans of any variety.

Please do NOT bring Black beans. 

Please do NOT bring Garbanzo beans. 

Please do NOT bring Lentil beans.

If bringing a can of beans won’t work for you, then bring a loaf of pre-made Garlic bread or a scrumptious dessert. Or a bottle of wine. We like wine. Or firewood. We like that too. If that won’t work either, then just bring yourself, a bowl, a spoon and an appetite. 

Comment Wall

Comment by Bruce Kinzey on Sunday

I was picturing I had a tiny site but in my mind was remembering how it compared to the big drive through sites next to it.  Going back to the map it looks like mine is the same as the other standard size across the way.  So, I have room for a second camper if (when) there's another inquiry. 


Comment by John C... on Sunday

Hi Bruce Kinzey,

another option i'd like to put out,

that might like to consider

Is to cancel 19 & move up to half of our site #45

It's on the main drag?  &&& It's

"Where the Action Is" !!!  ;o) 

You'd sure be welcome !


Comment by Bruce Kinzey on Sunday

Hi John:  That sounds great and thanks for the invite, but before I take you up on it, how many days have you reserved it for?  I was planning to drive down on Friday and return Tuesday (4 nights).  If you weren't staying that long I guess the site is probably open on either end so I could reserve any other days needed.  Also, I'm counting on having an electrical outlet - there will be enough for both of us, yes?  

Thanks again!  Bruce

Comment by John LaTorre on Sunday

Regarding that electrical outlet: I can't remember if the park uses the same outlet as Sandy Beach does ... the one that requires an adapter ... but the adapter is cheap and fairly easy to come by, and it should be in your kit anyway if you use the bus a lot. 

Here's something that Brett posted some years back on that:


Comment by westywoman on Sunday

There is plenty of power, just bring a good power strip so you can both plug your vans in separately.

Comment by Bruce Kinzey on Sunday

Huh, the campsites I've stayed in with electricity have always had 20A outlets that I just connected my extension cord to directly, and then to the van.  I guess they probably had both 20A and 30A and I just never paid attention to the other one!  Good to know.  Anyway I want to be sure there are two of them if you're planning to use one, I have an induction cookplate that I can't run off the battery.

Comment by Bruce Kinzey on Sunday

Whoops, wait a minute I'm getting my "Johns" mixed up.  Sorry about that.  J&J, let me know if there's room on the outlet circuit for both of us!



Comment by John LaTorre on Sunday

I think that Scott B. has dibs on the other half of my space.

As for getting your johns mixed up, they're usually clearly marked as male and female. You have to pay attention, though, lest people be surprised.

Comment by John C... on Tuesday

Hi Bruce,

& OMGosh, there's two Bruces' too !!!

Now, I Am Confused !!!

&&&  I certainly don't want Any Surprises !!!   GAK!!!  heh...heh...heh...

OK ...  Should be Plenty of power!

I use very little!

I'll bring a heavy one into two cord & my handy dandy adapter !  :o)

I've also secured the 20th to the 21st ( had my dates off to begin with )

So, I have arrive the 17th, depart the 21st

If this works for ya come on up !!!  :o)

( & you'll get in on my old dude discount to boot!!!

Yacolt John & ( darling Jan )  ;o) 


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