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I would like to add a very nice and quiet campsite in the campground map, but I could not do it.

Can someone give me some direction on how to do it? The campsite I want to add is the "Long Pine Key Campground" which is within the Everglades National Park. No electric nor water hookups, restrooms available but no showers, water and dumpstation.  Nice place with hiking trails and lots of wildlife to see.


Regards Rodolfo

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Rodoflo - good idea! Here goes...

Step one, click on the map tab and it will take you to the map:

Step two, find the sign in button and click on it:

I think you need a gmail account to sign in. click on it and you arrive at:

Step Three: Sign in...

Step 4, you should, after signing in, see the map and see a giant red button that says, EDIT. Click on that button

Tread lightly now, as your ability to make changes can be done for the good, or for the bad. Let's not make a mess of the map!

After clicking on the EDIT button, you will see you can change the title and description of the map. Please refrain from doing so. Look for the little icons in the top left of the map:

You can do many things with these icons. But here's a tip. Go to the map and find the place you want, first. Zoom in on it and find exactly where you want to mark something. THEN! STEP FIVE -  click on the middle icon. Your cursor should turn into a little place marker. Go to where you want to mark something on the map and click! it will look like this:

Step six! Fill out the info! You add a title and a description. You can add contact info, web addresses, best sites, etc... When done click on "okay".

There. You've added something to the map. You can get fancy if you want and change the icon by clicking on it before clicking on "okay". This is where you will find the tent and the wrench icon - if you are so inspired.

When done, your icon will be added to the map.Your wisdom is out there for all to see. Watch it grow, friend. Watch it grow...

Camping in Outlook Montana? That's pretty far afield, BB's D. Do you know something I don't?

Thank you very much! Although need to create a Gmail account first, will do it soon and upload the one or the other place I do think are worthit.


wch03grady - I was simply attracted to the name outlook. Seemed like a good place to start...

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