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Howdy Folks,

I've removed the ac unit from my '85 Westy to convert that space back into storage - like it used to be pre-'85. I'm looking for the long, oval-shaped cabinet door to cover the opening. I've got the brown trim motif in my Westy.  Anyone have one for sale, or know of a junkyard I could contact?


Greg H.

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Talk to me about the air conditioner?




why you are not using it

Just wondering.



Hey Larry,

Two things........

#1) The air conditioner has never worked ever since I first got the van,  I've been told that the ac "performance" isn't all that great anyway, and to not spend the money to get it fixed. So, for the past 7 years, I've never used the ac. Yes.....I do live in a place where ac is not really needed (Santa Barbara, CA), but I probably wouldn't use it even if it worked for the extra draw on fuel consumption.

#2) Before owning this van, I owned an '81 air-cooled that did have the storage compartment I'm speaking of (complete with the nice oval-shaped cabinet door), and I liked that extra storage space.  I'd like to get back to that design.

I guess I could always make a door myself, but the inside of my van happens to be in fantastic original condition, and I'd love to trim out the opening with a "correct" door.

Greg H.

Thanks for sharing, and hope to meet you some time at gathering.


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