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Im looking for someone in the ABQ,NM area to show me the ropes and teach me the ways of the VW. I've been reading up on engine maintenance and tinkering around with things. I've done some minor projects here and there and I'm quite handy once I get a handle on the subject....preparing for a grand adventure. Just trying to be as prepared as possible.   

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Wow thanks man!!

Hey its mike in Roswell. How you guys doin? So exactly what is it at present that you need help with?

Im not totally in a position to travel at the moment but I can help ya figure stuff out and give some solid recomendations usually...lol Seriously tho...first order of biz is to prioritize! Then knock em off the list one at a time.

Do you have the Muir book? This is a great place to start! I know of a webpage or two that also has some solid info. Id like to see you kids up and running. I don't know if you realize this or not but there is a camper family member in your immediate area. So if I dont hear from you soon then its prob because I scared the stuffing out of ya with the National parks thing (Sorry not my intent) if its not that, then life is happening and I can certainly relate!

Hope to talk at ya and help ya later. Happy New year too you both!

Mike and Jackie in Roswell


P.S. I see someone has already suggested Ratwell.com pretty good site. May I also suggest that you start an account on thesamba.com They have some pretty knowledgeable folks/threads there also. Hope this helps matey.  Mike

Have you heard of the ABQ. air cooled alliance? They do the Buses at the ballons every year and last year we met up with them when we came down from Wyoming to see the balloons. They are a good bunch of people and were very helpful.

Hope this helps, Bob

Hello Bob.

Why yes  I have heard of them. Looking forward to gettin together with them later this year and do the VW (geek lol) thing. Hopefully Mlady and I can make Albq this year for the balloon festival since I just got our 66 split (Eleanor)  back on the road...:) Thanks for joining the thread M8. Stay in touch bro...Mike

I have not heard of said alliance. Sounds awesome!! I will keep an ear out around festival time if we are in the area.


Motor could use new rings but nothing major! E-start and alternator on the way. Massive bus depot tent check!!! Sink and Fridge out and underway. Water pump and switch in the mail!! Thanks for all the input too guys!! 

New fridge!!??? Is there anyway to replace the fridge and keep the cabinetry??


Here is another web site that is very useful and informative..


The adminstrator there, Colin, travels around the country every summer to help volks like you learn about their vw's.  Might be what your looking for.


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