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Greetings all.  Hope this is the correct forum for this topic.

I, for one, don't usually cook with heat, except for breakfast tasties and smores and the occasional hot dog.  It's all due to the cleanup.  I'm usually a lunch meat and cheese, chips and salsa kinda guy.  I'm OK with that as a weekend warrior.

I am adaptable and have been starting to think about meals that require heat.  Nothing wrong with a (grilled) ham and cheese, right?  This will probably morph into a one pot, what's for supper thing.

So to expand on that I just received the "Camper's Kit" from this place.


I was led to them from one of our distinguished members.  Thank you for that on multiple levels.

I am anxious to try it out and the weather report for this week looks promising.  

In closing, for now, this thread does not have to be solely about solar.

Please chime in with your cooking methods and choice(s) of cooker thingys.

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good method to heat food and save energy when we have Mr. Sun shining.  If the unit could be dismantled easy to a kit, it will be a perfect space saver in VW camper.  I hope it is considered in new design.


The solar cooker Regis is referring to is the CooKit by Solar Cookers International. It folds down flat and can be slipped into a briefcase, except for the pot (which you use for other things anyway). I am the "distinguished member" he is referring to, and can attest that my unit rides in the headbanger cabinet and takes up very little space. 

For more information on it, here's a description on my own web site:


The retail price is now $30 for the unit. Still cheap for what you get.

Another means of heat I have been trying is alcohol stoves. I became aware of them researching backpacking cook styles. Alcohol can heat two cups of water in about three minutes. There are many types of alcohol stoves. Most are the size of half a beer can. Lightweight is key with backpacking. The past two VW outings had me using the alcohol stove with the freeze dried bag food. Yummo

As you expand into heated cooking, do some research and work with people who are familiar with cast iron.  Once you start cooking with it you will find a wide selection of easy one pot options, and well seasoned and cared for cast iron is a paper towel wipe, hot water rinse and heat and oil cleanup.  


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