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When camping in my Westy I plan to use my propane cooker as backup, I converted it to use 1lb canisters so I will use propane less.  So how to cook my food for free?

First I found out about Solar Cookers which you can make your own for cheap and it captures the rays of the sun to cook the food.  Temps get up to about 300 degrees.  More like a slow cooker.  Yahoo! has a solar cooker group where others display their designs and point out their flaws to help you make the most efficient cooker.  I plan to create a collapsible cooker to save space. 

What if I don't want to wait for a few hours to eat?  If I didn't plan ahead?  Here's where the Rocket Stove would come in.  This can be made out of coffee cans and soup cans for free!  I have these items at home, waiting to be empty.  This is an efficient heat capturing method.  And you only need small sticks to burn. 

Once I have some practice with using these I will try to post some recipes. :)  Please click on the links for more information on how you can make your own!

Does anyone else use anything like this?  I haven't built my cookers just yet, one thing at a time.  My hands are full with my Westy at the moment. If anyone has made one, maybe you have advice?  I hope everyone thinks this optional and free way to cook is as awesome as I do!

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We use our solar oven all the time, great for camping! we have a solar sport model form solar oven society http://www.solarovens.org/

works great as slow cooker without the reflectors to leave out while we hike or kayak then come back to hot stew, brats or even shrimp scampi. add the reflectors and we can bake brownies or cookies at up to 350+ degrees. comes with a nice recipe book and some tips, but real easy to use and lightweight and durable.


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