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Bears were ever present in this past weekend's trip to D.L. Bliss campground on Lake Tahoe's west side.

It was our first time to the area, so we were unaware that the bears there are comparable to racoons in some of the other parks we have stayed in. Our first sighting was around 11:00pm, about 10 minutes after setting up our tent in spot #9 (a bad spot, by the way, not much space). While we were in the car getting stuff out to head to the bathrooms, a large brown bear came out between our tent and the car. Sitting in the MINI, this guy's head was taller than us! He sniffed the tent until he heard Elizabeth freaking out and came over to the MINI. I started the car and she ran of.

The next night was more of the same - the interesting thing is that all the campers around communicate where the bear is heading. You can hear people banging on pans and then people warn their neighbors.

The ranger assured us that the bear was harmless and said, "you will probably see a bear ever night you stay with us." The park is taking the interaction with the bears seriously though, having all campers sign a warning saying that they will be subject to a $1000 fine if they leave food out.

It is easy to prep your site for a bear though, and we will be posting some info on that soon.

Other than the bears, D.L. Bliss is a pretty relaxing place to camp - even if the sites are too close together. Elizabeth and I hiked the Lighthouse trail (in flip flops no less!) which takes you from the ranger's kiosk over a peak and down to the beach. It's a pretty good hike and after about a mile the views of the lake start to be really nice.

The beach is nice and the water was refreshing, so if you go, be sure to bring a suit. No dogs are allowed on the beach. There should be a rule against speedos, but alas there was not.

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I wish I would've known this before we went...not that I wouldn't have stayed there or anything! I ended up pulling guard the whole first night because I was so scared! Probably didn't help that I watched "Human as Prey" on NatGeo the night before, and of course it was about human eating bears!

But a fab park none the less. I wish I had known about the beach camp spots. Primo!!


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