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Back in the 90's there was a VW club in Cali that gave out a little paper back book to members to keep in your glove compartment that had "on the road travel" member contacts. People and shops in different city's offing tools, parts, a tow, a bed, a place to park, mechanic shops, a meal, or just a friend and club member to meet for lunch and a conversation rolling through town.

Does anyone know the name of the Club and if they still exist??? I just bought my bus back last year after selling it 17 years ago, and been out of the  VW community and have not owned a air-cooled VW for at least 8 years. I would love to get my hands on another one of those books. I'm looking to camp and travel a lot with my bus this time around, and love to know I got a community to assist if needed.

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I'm not sure if those folks are still around, but here is an updated list you may be interested in.


Hey, BIG thanks, Kris! That site also led me to find this one that seems to have a lot more members in California.


have you found that club offering the booklet, "road travel member contact's".

if so, please forward info. thank you!



jim roberts westy'79sandwinder

coastal socal





Yeah Jim, I'm pretty sure it was the L.I.M.B.O club that offered the booklet to it's members. http://www.limbobus.org/phpBB4/portal.php. But I don't think they do that anymore. The link provided by Kris is the way to go.


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