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Steve and I have spent the last 2 years living with a friend from college. He's been a great roommate, but he went and got his MBA. Now he's moving up to Burbank to make some moola in the entertainment industry. We wish him the best of luck... but he's left us in a dilemma.

We currently live in a 3 bedroom place. Bigger (and more expensive) than a couple and their dog needs. Sooo... we can find a new roommate, or, find a new smaller/cheaper place to live.

I prefer the former option. Steve prefers the latter.

But there IS a third option that gets my heart-a-pumin' and my mind all-a-buzz.

We. Could.
The Bustache!




Hello? Is anyone still there?




Yep. That's pretty much the typical response I get when I mention option 3.

I mean, we aren't REALLY going to do it. There are 2 of us. We both have 9-5 professional jobs. We have a 65lbs pooch.

But I can't help fantasize about it a little. (Let me be clear, this is really just my fantasy. Steve becomes very quiet, nods his head and smiles when I bring it up. He's trying to be supportive by not out-right squelching my dreams. I know in his head he's hoping this will quietly go away... But now I'm writing about it for the whole interwebs to see! It will live online forever, because this idea is GENIUS! Hehe!).

It's a challenge, a test and an experiment. We're happiest when we're on the road in Bustache. Imagine how happy we'd be if we did this EVERY DAY!?! It would force us to pair down to the necessities. We'd have to be strategic about our belongings. We'd have to spend most of our free time outside - exploring the world and meeting new people! We'd reshuffle our priorities; fall even deeper in love with each other. We'd inspire others to do the same, and then we'd solve world hunger and bring about universal peace.

What? This is my fantasy, remember?

As you can tell, I have the tendency to go a little overboard. Thus, in my attempt to seem rational and organized, I sent the following email to Steve.

Rent for us = $24,000/year.If we lived in Bustache and took Westi to Doggie-Day-Care everyday, it would cost us about $500/month ($6000/year).


I would have to get access to a gym so I could shower... $40 a month ($480/year).

I would also get myself and iPad with 3G (or 4G) access. Then I would get you one, so you wouldn't steal mine. $1400.00 (for 2).

We would also have to invest in getting Bustache working with the sink, stove & fridge along with a couple of other upgrades ... $2000?

And we'd have to pay for a storage facility for all our stuff. About $150/month (1800/year).

Soooo... that all adds up to about $12,000. Which means we'd save about $12,000.

What do you think? :-)

Steve's response? Typical.

When I mentioned this to my mom, her response? Typical.

She then told my dad (a mountain man at heart who once told me he didn't understand why we even had houses!). I thought my dad would be on my side, but he called me and very seriously told me "The Bustache living concept, is NOT a good idea."

Fine. I get it. But a girl can dream...

Anyone want to throw a vote in my direction? Or, does anyone else have a ridiculous dream they'd like to share with the interwebs? :-(D

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Comment by The Bustache on September 23, 2011 at 11:15am

@Gus - I haven't seen those rear tents before.  Pretty nifty!  But you're right, pretty pricey.  Maybe Steve could build one for us... We'll add it to the list of 236 other projects he needs to do with Bustache.  :-) 


I do love the side tents... I've been stalking the internet for one to see if I can get it at a slightly cheaper price.


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