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Have any of you swapped your 14in VW wheels for a set of Mercedes or Audi 15in wheels? Did you have any clearence issues? I dont want to get huge tires, just some with a more aggressive tread pattern and a tougher sidewall. I havent been able to find any in a 14in size.

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Aaron, I have an 86 syncro, about two years ago I rebuilt it including wheels. I got a set of five reems at Pick and pull from an 85 audi 5000 quantro, got $125.00 total. I took the reems to a machinest and for $10 each he cut about a 1/4 of an inch (offset) to make the reems fit perfectly flat with the hub, and they did!...went to costco/sears and put a set of BFG all terrain tires. so far I have put 55,000 miles on the tires and still look good. I live in Sonora ca, and drive on dirt roads in the mountains all the time....I'm very happy with the reems/tires conbination....there is no need to pay top money from a place like go westy when you can do what I did ..Goog luck.


Are you thinking I bought those rims from go westy?

Bought the rims with tires off cl for $180 and another $60 on wheel studs and a drill bit to reem the rim holes so they would fit the VW studs.

I haven't done that swap but I can say that it is difficult to find 14" rims outside of stock.  I did find some Wolfsburgh hubcaps though that I do like.

Best of luck

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