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83 Westfalia water cooled. Engine turns over but won't start. Any idea what the problem is?

Please help. The engine runs super strong but sometimes it turns over and will not start. It also dies while driving once in awhile. I am in the San Diego area.

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Check out the Vanagon Rescue Squad app on your smart ph. See if somebody could stop by and help you, or stop by there place! First thing I would check is all your grounds . Clean them up and make sure they are all tightened up. Fuel pump, wires to the hall sensor they can crack and get loose!

You were right.it was just the wiring. Daisy is now running like a top. Thank you.

Hi Debbie,

Glad you got Daisy working again. I had the exact same problem with my '85, and I didn't get off as easy as you. I had to have my mechanic replace the computer!  He tried everything else.

Luckily, a local salvage yard had one that was in great condition....but still....300 bucks for the part plus labor.

Best to you,

Greg Harrison

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