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Hey everyone,

I currently live in Northern California and some time late this summer I will be moving to Texas with my family and boyfriend. I will be traveling with two small, young dogs in my 1970 Westy and my boyfriend will be driving his 1973 Bug. 

We are going to Texas, so we'd like some advice on driving through AZ and NM, what to look out for, how to ensure the safety of myself and my pups, and keep the car and the dogs (and myself) cool in the summer heat.

We also need some links or advice on camping between here and east Texas, what extra parts to have laying around, and some good mechanics between here and there, just in case.



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I would recommend finding places for the dogs and the bus to cool down. I always look for rivers or lakes along the way that my dogs and me can cool off in. Plan on stopping every few hours depending on how hot it is. Any spot that someone can put a boat in is good for you as well. Good luck and safe travels.

We'll try to plan our route by water, thank you, Laura!

I'm no expert, but Highway 40 might be slightly cooler than taking the southern route just because the elevation is slightly higher.

Where in Texas are you moving to? There's a VW club in Austin that is pretty active and there are a few big VW shows in Texas each year that would be fun to go to.

Check out the VW and Camper Clubs in each state for camping and parts availablity as well as routes.

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