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Any Canadian or Saskatchewan Westy/Bus owners on here ????

contact me please....

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Yup, Jeremy and Erin Hiebert from Saskatoon!
cool...I'm from N.B....message me if yer ever in the area.

Jeremy Hiebert said:
Yup, Jeremy and Erin Hiebert from Saskatoon!

C-A-N-A-D-A   where is that?


reggae rissssssssssssssing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey. Nice to hear from you.

We hail from Brighton and Ottawa Ontario although we are rarely in either place these days. You can check out our travels in Pumper our 72 Campmobile at www.rweethereyet.com . Link to 'Living The Dream' in the VW Camper Family website.

We are currently back in Ontario taking a few months out after 18 months on the road and sorting some things at our home. Will be back on the road by the fall, and well before the snow flies! We're done with Canadian winters! Suffering withdrawal symptoms ... back in Ontario for 3 weeks and have only seen 1 Vanagon. Westy's are pretty thin on the ground in these parts.

Hey Cro, I just picked up on your discussion.  We are here in Ottawa - Kingston area (in summer anyway).  Do drop a line and drop by if you are ever on your way through.

Hi to everyone on the thread.


Hey, Cro.


I am way out west, in Victoria BC - where we probably have the greatest population of Westfalia's per capita than any other place in Canada.


If any Canadian members of the VW Camper Family  are ever headed out this way, let me know... it would be great to meet up.



Yes, me & the  family are in Abbotsford. Feel free to drop a line if you are ever passing through.




Hiee, Judy and I are in Ottawa, Ontario and own a 1992 Volkswagen Eurovan Westfalia Camper Van.  I am from Saskatchewan and was born in Simpson, just North of Regina.  Please call me back if you would like to chat about your Westfalia with me

Bruce Hygh

Hey, good to hear from you. Ottawa is our base also but we haven't been spending much time there since 2009, we drove our 72 bus throughout the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America and Europe. Check out www.rweethereyet.com .You need to check out / search 'Bus Fusion June 4-7 in Almont' west of Ottawa. You will have more friends with a common interest than you can imagine. Peace and love.

Hi from the Okanagan Valley of BC.

Just ran across this site again.

We have quite a number of members here in BC and we do lots of camping together.

We use the Meetup web site for our outings.


this link should get you to the site at which time you need to enter a login and password to see the rest of our site.

Arend and Barb ter Keurs

Mae Westy

'90 Westy GL Syncro

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