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Anyone available in Bay Area to help replace a poptop canvas for a 1983 Westfalia?

Hello everyone.


I have a 1983 Westfalia that I would like to have a new poptop canvas installed.


Hearing of all the people who have done it before makes me think that the experienced people can do a better and faster job than me doing it by myself.


I would be willing to pay someone with experience to replace the top with me or without me, your choice...I could supply the beer (as long as you are of age...)  Not too sure how much to pay, but please let me know what would be appropriate...


I am in Alameda or can drive to your area...to Sacramento if need be.


Also need a new propane tank installed if anyone has experience doing that.


If anyone has advise for which poptop canvas to buy, I would love the input.  Looking at the Bus Depot tops as the moment, probably against the acrylic since possible outgassing...


Thank you for listening.  I hope to get some responses.



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HI Ron: I will help you with your pop top , I have never done one but with two people it should not be to hard... All I need is a free saturday... I will only ask for help from you in exchange when I get around to changeing mine.

Bill Witz 84 Tiico Westy
Hey Ron,

I have done several of canvas replacements. I would be happy to help you if you want to drive to Sacramento. email me and we can figure out the details. Of course I won't accept any money (if anyone from this site does, they will be kicked off). You will need a few supplies (Heavy duty staples, possible 1"x1" wood if yours is rotten), patience).

I hope your Canvas comes out great. I also need to do this on my 78 CE Westy...but since I no longer live in California it's more difficult to find anyone to help me (North Idaho/Spokane WA. Area) Does anyone know someone out here who would be willing to help me? I can also Pay if need be.

I went for the Synthetic 3 Window and it's a great color/texture match for the Original without worring about the Mosture rotting it. Something to take in consideration for if you ever tend to go Camping in a Moist/Rainy area.

Best of luck love to see pics when you finish it. RG & "HOTEL VW"
My friend Brian does poptop work. Recently put a couple a poptops on vanagons and each had a new canvas. I think he'd help you out but would need to be paid - he's out of work and has a couple of kids so if you want his help it seems to me paying him is the right thing to do. If your interested let me know your phone # and I'll have him call you.

One of the canvas came from BusDepot and the other from GoWesty - BusDepot fit great - GoWesty was about 4 inches too big in circumference at the base and turned the installation into a bit of a nightmare. GoWesty has a variety of canvases that they sell - not sure which one was the one on the recent install.
Thank you everyone for the replies and offers of help. I am not here is the US at the moment. I will be back around February and will take up this replacing the poptop at that point. If any of you can email me your email address at ronlewjr@yahoo.com, that would be great and i will check in when I am back to see if you are available still at that point. Best to you all. Happy Holidays...way early since I will not be here.
Ron: I know that you're gone until next year but I thought this would help when you returned.


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