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Anyone Like to camp or have the time to camp anytime during the week? Im retired. Anyone Else?

I have the time to camp during the week anytime, and was wondering if there is anyone else who likes to do the same durning the week. Camp or travel?

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Usually when we do any kind of traveling, it's to a Bluegrass Festival ~And those always start on Thursday evenings ~ Most venues have "Camping in the Rough" for about $10 - $15 extra along with the price of the ticket ~ So, we take off on thursdays. This year we're going to one festival the day ahead, so we can share in the Wednesday night potluck/Bean Pot dinner. That way you get to share lots of good food, and meet with other music loving people. I personally like to go during the middle or end of the week like that, 'cause A) traffic isn't going to be horrid, and B) because you can find a space/spot to park that's usually better than next to the trash bins or storage area (s) - When the kids were in high school, that was always good for them, an' for me, it's just an extra day or 2 to chill out.

But tha's just me..........
I'm not retired but I do like to camp during the week. I'm a freelance medical writer so I can arrange my schedule that way when I'm not too busy or on tight deadlines.
Hi Ned,
Love to camp anytime. There are so many places to go camping up here in La Pine, Or. Many are only a few minutes from my house. Come this summer and lets go camping. Got anything from back country dry camping to Thousand Trails and everything in between. Are you going to Maupin???
Hi Ned,

Are you going to the Maupin campout?
I work a 9/40 work week, which means that I have alternate Fridays off. We do our best to take advantage of the fact that our local campgrounds will have a site available for a Friday night (tho' completely booked for the weekend).

When we are both not working during the week ... you betcha' we'll be camping!!! We will probably sign up to be campground hosts or something like that.

Our whimsical retirement job is to drive the mobile Starbucks van to all the campgrounds. And our buddy has volunteered to make campsite deliverys on his motorcycle ... :-D

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