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Bay Window Bus Owners- Have you seen this camper accessory from Go Westy?

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Unfortunately not available in all Westy plaids.
Originals come up on the Samba occasionally, sometimes for less money:

The real rarity is the garbage can that's supposed to go inside it:
I have one of these, except the Riviera version, not the Westy one. It's an ok idea, but makes moving between the front and back kind of a pain. It also slides around if you have a rubber mat (as opposed to a carpet) in the middle section as I do.

The poop bucket accessory is just plain funny!
The Westy version is made to be strapped in place, so sliding isn't likely when properly set up.
I have this exact Plaid Jump Stool in my 78 CE Westy. It's a storage Box as well as the Step Up Stool to the Top Bunk. It straps down to prevent sliding and can be easily removed if need be.

I've never seen Go Westy sell these, but as another reader stated...they can be found from time to time on E-Bay. The Exact Plaid Material for your interior can be found online through Go Westy -through another supplier I believe.

Best of luck! -RG

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