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I often get blank stares when I mention enjoying a BBQ'd Pizza while camping. This is as easy as it gets. Some may call it cheating.

Here's the scenario......

It's Friday afternoon, you are at work and watching the clock. You have the Bus packed and reservations made. You are dieing to get out of town and on your way to join your camping buddies. You know traffic will be a nightmare.

By the time you get to your getaway location for the weekend it will be dark. You still haven't eaten and you need to set up camp. What to do?

On your way out, order up your favorite pizza. It can be a take and bake like Pappa Murphy's, one from your local deli, or a regular cooked to order pizza (my favorite).

You already know that foods cooked over a grill are tastier than the same thing prepared in the kitchen. You also know that some foods are just better the when reheated. Pizza is one of them.

Preparation is a no brainer. Chances are your camping buddies already have a fire going. If you don't have a pizza pan you can always use a slightly oiled up Weber grilling grate of appropriate size or even simple aluminum foil.

Place the pizza over the fire or charcoals (even a camp stove will work). Turn it often, every 5 minutes or so. With a spatula check the bottom to avoid burning. I like mine a little charred and crispy. When the cheeses are nicely bubbling you are ready to remove from the heat. Let it stand for a few moments and you are ready to feast.  

And there you have. Fast, Easy, Very Tasty, and there is literally no clean up.


Bon Appetite!

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