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Hi...Someone backed into my '97 Eurovan. Really just a fender bender (he hit the passenger side door where it interfaces with the body), but I'm going to need to get it fixed. Anyone know of a good body shop in San Francisco they could recommend? I did get one estimate, but it was for nearly $2,500! I really don't want to overcharge the person who hit it, but I want quality work done, nonetheless. Thanks for any help! T 

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Not in SF so can't comment on shops out there but after looking at the pic, I really don't think $2500 is a good est to go with.  I know body work is not cheap and they'll have to try their best to body match the color afterwards, but it just doesn't seem like $2500 worth of work...maybe half that is guess.

Thanks a bunch....I did notice some mistakes in the estimate, and they came back with around $850, which I think is fair. Much appreciated--Tyler

I see this is a really old post but rather than start a new one, I thought I would re-ask.  I have an '89 Westy and I need to get a fair amount of body work (dents, rusty quarter panels, repaint the entire exterior).  I'm in San Francisco but willing to travel as far as Sacramento to find a reliable and fair body shop.  Any recommendations very welcome!

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