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Anybody over here in the mideast around OH, KY, IN, TN have any VW events going on or have any good recommendations for good camping in the area?  The map is flooded with CA and FL campgrounds but not many around my neck of the woods.


Or if a couple people are free and want to plan a VW campout in the area soon, let me know.  I have yet to camp with other VWers!



THanks!!! :)



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The best place to find shows is http://www.thesamba.com/vw/shows/
Carrie - not many people on here from that area yet. This started in California which is why it's heavy with California people. There's a good group in Northern Indiana. Hopefully some people from your area will chime in and you guys can organize something!
thanks for the info guys! :)
Ohio tribe found on yahoo groups does a lot of camping.....Sevierville ,tenn 2 times a years ...Louisville has one, Central Ky @ Summerset, ky. I'm in souther central Ky and I've been to camping in Mich, NC Tenn Ky,Ohio this year alone.
There are posts on Vanagon.com
I think the High Country Bluegrass is coming up soon in NC...I'd sure love to go to that!
Circle your wagons is in the fall in Sevierville, TN awesome gathering!
On e you connect to one, you can ask Volks about others.

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