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Hi Everyone!

I know car covers are more a topic of discussion for cold and wet weather when the busses/vans are in storage. But I found a great deal that I wanted to give everyone a heads up. I purchased my van cover through the Costco website. You pick your vehicle and they mail it to you in about 1-1/2 weeks. There was a coupon and the final price was about $130. Normally they are $150 and shipping is included in that price. I got mine and was very happy. It is silver and so far it is water resistant, I don't know how long that will last. I have proof because water pooled in the top storage compartment over the driver seat. The fit and quality is excellent. It has mirror pockets. The package even came with a cable and lock. I have an awning on my van and it fit fine under the cover. I do not have roof racks, these may create a fit problem and a potential tear danger. Below is a direct link to the Costco website. I will also upload a couple pictures of my cover on my van.  Happy camping to all!  See you at Bus City and Train Spotting!

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Very nice!
Also like the bike rack on the back... and the oranges in the tree!! Jealous.

Rats - I'm no longer seeing this product on Costco's site! :(

Here is a similarly priced model that is still available.


Great! Thank you! I greatly appreciate it.

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