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Greetings.  IMO, camping anywhere in the Delta can be fun if you can find the right spot.

It seems to me that most CG's are catered to the RV crowd.  That doesn't make them bad people.

But when that hidden little spot can be found, the rewards can be good.

This is a link to Westgate Landing Regional Park.  It is run by the San Joaquin Park and Rec dept.

14 sites.  No power.  Has day use.  Has flush toilets that could use a cleaning but nonetheless.  

Mike and I did a recon there.

There is a host and he gave us plenty of info about the area as well as the campground.

If I was writing for Tom Steinstra, I'd rate this as a 7.  It could be an 8 if there was utilities.

I feel that this could be a good place for a quick and close by GTG for when we're looking to have somewhere to go in between the annuals.

A minimum res time of three weeks and up to a year in advance.

Maybe sometime we could go there or at least take advantage of the day use area for an afternoon bbq for a looskie.

Just sayin'


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Oh.  Bring wood.  Bring wine. Bring a kayak.  Bring a bike.  Bring a fishing rod.  Bring an inner tube.  Bring sunscreen.

Bring food for the feral chicken mascot.

This is a decent place for that shout out type GTG.

Hey Regis

Greetings Friend...

You know we checked Westgate out after Superbowl Anti, 2 or 3 years ago and weren't that impressed,seemed a little "down at the heels" and just really non-remarkable, we opted to try Brannan Island, which we thought was really nice. Of course that was in January, and there was plenty of space, and it was 2 or 3 years ago, so being it's a state park it could have gone down the proverbial budget tubes and Westgate may have improved? Any ways the company your with is a large part of  any experience so keep us in the loop, we're in, It's close by...

So just where have you two been??

Anywho, Yeah, I rate this CG at a 7.  Nothing spectacular.  Good for a quick get away.  Having the lil lagoon with easy access is a plus.  Bring a bike and you could ride levee roads for days.

I could see myself hanging out for a weekend of fishing, kayaking and biking.

The host has been there for two years and was wearing a SJP&R shirt.  He must get a paycheck from them or something.

We asked about the green grass.  He said they do the best they can to keep things plush.

The restrooms needed some attention.  Nothing a good cleaning couldn't fix.

The sites on the water side had more of a dip to the parking area as well as the site itself.  The sites on the field side were more level and had better parking.

Have a look at the pic's I linked and let us know if the place seems the same or not.  Maybe there was some help from the time you saw it and yesterday.  Dunno.


We've been around, missed you at Bus City, we were on an Alaska cruise during Train Spotting.

Westgate looks the same but like I said, It's about the company and we'd come out if you guys are there, it's just a shout away from Vallejo.

We've made plans/reservations for Yosemite in Oct / Nov, and I did a bicycle overnighter to Napa State Park last weekend, 80 miles round trip, loaded, I was feeling my full 61 years on the turnaround. I'm thinking I want to do some backpacking, got shit on the bucket list that I'd better be getting to or I'll have to be crossing it off.

Look forward to seeing you soon. Is that Mike in the one picture by the water?


Philip & Diana 

Yep.. That's him.

Are you going to be around mid-November for the Pre T-Day food fest at Sandy Beach?

The event was just recently posted

Yes on the pre T-day, we made our Yosemite plans specifically for the end of Oct, First weekend in Nov, so it wouldn't clash with the T-day, Club Glutton deal, We'll be there...



Just checked out the posting for T-day, hadn't seen it yet, No Del Valle this year? Can we split your site with you at Sandy? If not I'll reserve one, let me know...


Done and done


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