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Hi, we are lookin for camping events that we can take our 1986 Westy (ie Hippie Van) to in W. PA or E. OH.  There don't seem to be many in our location.  Any Suggestions?

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Hello Here is a great website and they keep the event page updated with lots of events.
check link out.
Another suggestion is just to do what Regis, Brett, Melissa and I did: We organized our own.

True, it took awhile, and many fliers were shoved under the windshield wipers of unsuspecting Westy owners, but we met many new cool people and now the Northern California bunch has its own momentum.
Well, I know there are is the Ohio Tribe Valley. I think they have a yahoogroup.

Also, I know quite a few Pennsylvanians who come to the FMBC campouts. I'll probably see a few in Louisa, VA the weekend of June 18.

Contact me, and I can try to get you hooked up with some of them. From what I understand, there were about 70 buses at Granny Grose's Buses a couple weekends ago in PA.
Hi Sal,

You will need to forgive me because I don't seem to know all the lingo yet. What are FMBC campouts and what are Granny Grose Buses? We've had our 86 Westy on the road about a year now and it seems to have Vanagon syndrom. Do you know anything about that? Sometimes it runs great and other times, it can't seem to get out of it's own way. We aren't really comfortable with it yet to take it on any really long trips, even though we have AAA Premium and 200 miles worth of towing!

Thanks for any and all help.
Charyn Hamelly said:
Hi Sal,

You will need to forgive me because I don't seem to know all the lingo yet.

No, my fault. I was in a rush. FMBC is the Full Moon Bus Club... it has a website, fullmoonbusclub.com But, the server is down for the weekend. It's mostly used by people on the Eastern side of the USA> Hopefully, it will return soon.

Granny Groses' Buses is a campout in PA.
I am a single female full time employee and an 84 VW Vanagon owner in Toledo, OH. I am also looking for good camping opportunities. I do know about the Kelly's Island camp out Oct. 8th 9th and 10th. If you haven't seen it check out leakoil.com for more camp info.
I am looking for a good independent mechanic in this area. Let me know if you are aware of one. Alos, if you hear of other camping trips, please let me know.
check this local-to-you group:


Also google - Granny Grose's Buses (or go to - http://www.grannygrosesbuses.com/).

When I finally get my bus going, I'll be attending the LeakOil events and making the Granny Grose Camp!

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