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1. We have over 200 people on this sight. Hi everyone. Welcome. Can't wait to camp out with all of you. Camping is always a happy thing.

2. My bus is 40 years old today. May 19, 1970, Red rolled off the assembly line in Hannover Germany, and was picked up on June 19.

I've written the short summary of it's life here:

and will post more later. Coming from a military family, I have had my car longer than I have lived in any one place. It has broken down in strange places, it has taken me even stranger places.

For it's 40th birthday, I'm giving it a new engine. I'll post pictures and details once it is done.

Looking forward to 40 more years.


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Happy birthday, Red.
Cheers to Red. Hope to see you with your new engine soon!
George here:

Mazel Tov (or whatever that is in Hawai'ian), Red. Sorry you won't be there for Bus City. I hope that you'll be up for Trainspotting. It's a good shakedown for Maupin ... enough challenges, but not too far if you need a tow to civilization. (Trainspotting was my own shakedown cruise for Maupin last year.) I know that you had some bad juju there last year, but now that your fuel pump's been replaced with a good one, you'll have no problems, right?

My big four-oh is next year. We'll have a party. I'll bring the brake fluid.

George (JLT's bus)

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