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  Newbie to this site. Any of ya'll from Alabama? 

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from Navarre Beach, Fl    worked at  Gulf Shores a few times and thraveled Ala many times up and down 65
am in Ala right now at DeSoto park
Cool man. That is a nice place. Little river canyon is great!  Wish I could come camping.

Hey Japhy.... I bought my bus in Huntsville, Alabama, before moving out to Colorado...   Spent a lot on Monte Sano before moving...  Where are you?

I am in Huntsville. I camp alot on Monte Sano.  There is a disc golf course there now.  I have a brother in Parker but he dont have a bus.  How long ago did you buy your bus here? I may know it.

Pete Galt said:

Hey Japhy.... I bought my bus in Huntsville, Alabama, before moving out to Colorado...   Spent a lot on Monte Sano before moving...  Where are you?

I bought my bus in 1998 from a guy known in the Huntsville Bus community as "The Bus Guy."  I don't recall his name anymore.  Perhaps you know who I'm talking about.  I lived in Huntsville for three years, but only owned the bus for the last year before moving to Colorado.  How about you?

I moved to Huntsville in 98. Got my first bus in 99. I dont know the " bus guy" Unless he goes by his original name now. I am one of the few bus guys that are here now.  I am in the NAVWC and hang out with Airkooled Kustoms alot.  I'll ask around.

  We may be in CO next year. I'll let ya know when if you want to do some bus camping. 

Absolutely.  Let me know if you're headed out to CO.  I didn't realize there was a NAVWC.    Glad to hear the culture is alive and rocking.

Japhy. I'm in Birmingham. Just got on this site today. My sister is in Huntsville. She lives just below Monte Sano in Oak Park. I got friends in the club up there and have been friends with Spook and his gang for a while. There is a group of us down here n we go camp n hang out...you should cruis down! And be sure to come to our show the Tannehill Bug Blast last sat in august. www.tannehillbugblast.com. see ya soon...and maybe at the show in decature!

I'm friends with Todd, well Mysterybus, above. Also down here in the B'ham as well.

Cool!I lived in that neighborhood and 5 points for a while.  Yes I plan on going to Tannehill. I missed out on Doug Zannis's campout and plan to make his next one as well.  Is the Bama Bus Brigade still going? That is you B'ham folks right?  So theres JuneDougs in June, Bug'n in July and Tannehill in August.  This summer is gonna be cool!

The Bama Bus Brigade campout have kinda fizzled the past couple of years. Everyone's lives seemed to go haywire all at once and we all got out of the habit of planning those campouts. Sucks because I really miss them.


You must come to Tannehill Bug Blast. Trust me, you won't regret it. And I promise I'm not saying that just because it's our show.

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