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New to this group, not new to VWs, or Westys. Our 71 is fairly new to us, it replaces our old 70, which was getting too rusty to continue. I also have a whole flock of air cooled VWs and they are the only road vehicles I have. I'm in the middle of nowhere in East Oregon. Hope to share information and ideas.

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Welcome! If you're in eastern Oregon, you'll need to hook up with Gary Marrs, who is active up there and is a swell VW guy here on the site. Glad to have you in the family.

Thanks, Driver. I sent a friend request to Gary. He is close , by East Oregon standards, three or four hours at VW speed. Our 71 Westy still needs considerable work before its road ready, but I do have a wood heated shop and winter is here, a little snow on the ground this morning.

Hi Lance, as you must know, I'm here in La Pine, I have three Westies, a 70, 78, and a 83.5. You might also want to join the WetWesties who are centered more up here in the PNW, at www.wetwesties.org . If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I'm off on a WetWesties campout this weekend, and plan on staying out on the road for maybe up to two weeks before coming home. I use have a 71 for many years also, and before that I had a 70 hard top Westy. Been driving these wonders for almost 40 years now.

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