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Hi VW Camper Family,

So I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.  I imagine it has been YOU I wave at on the open roads as we pass by from one VW Bus owner to another.  I have always loved that.  My name is Tré Taylor and I live in Pacifica, CA.  I am in the process of totally restoring my 1973 Type 2 Bay Window VW Camper Bus "Art Car".  You have to see her to believe her.  Here she is back in 2008...

She is what I call The Leopard Lounge...

She was the swanky bar car of Art Car Fest in the SF Bay area for years..... (See if you can spot the keg in this interior photo : ) hint: it looks like a table....

She has been to many a festival and concert, and I have taken her all over for art car shows.... a great chill space for weary and worn festival goers over the years.

Mostly, she is a fun camper for adventures with musical friends.

So.... I am completely re-doing her.  I'm gutting the interior and having some custom storage bench seats installed, adding a 3/4 rock & roll bed and some fun yet luxurious interior designs.  I am installing a 40" X 80" Sliding Ragtop Sunroof kit for the tin top and re-painting her Leopard print design, but this next phase will have more Tiki Lounge Love theme.  

I just ordered a personal license plate: and I'm planning to live up to the name.  When she is finished, I hope to share her with the world and you all and even dare to make some of the VW Car shows or camping trips later this year and beyond. 

I'd love to hear your VW stories and welcome any advise on VW Bus restoration.

I'm hoping to debut her at Bugorama - Sacramento Raceway, Sacramento, CA this year...the weekend of 5/25/13.

Hope to meet some of you there!

Yours Truly,

Tré Taylor


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That is one really amazing looking bus! I'd love to see the pictures of the new Tiki theme - it sounds really wild. Too bad I'm on the other coast :P

- Randy

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