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A camping forum for VW bus and camper owners.

Here's a suggested outline for introducing yourself to others in the group. 

Look forward to getting to know you.

Hi, I'm _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (name)

1. I own/drive a VW type .....

2. First VW purchase year

3. Location including country

4. Where you have driven in your VW

5. Where you have camped in your VW

6. Most fun moment(s)

7. What got you started in the VW world

8. What you most love about having a VW

9. What you'd like from this group

10. What you'd like to offer to this group

11. Your personal likes/dislikes or something else about you

12. Are you on Facebook? If yes, please post your name (a copy your page address, http:// ...is best), so we can find each other.

13. Anything else?

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Hello everyone,
I'm Carole Brown, owner and driver of the YesWeCan CamperVan, or Dexter (named by previous and first owner, also female).
My VW is a 1971 Bay window Westfalia. 1971 is the last year of the 1600cc engine and small rear lights; first year of disc brakes. A good year apparently.
Currently garaged at friend's home in Millbury, central Massachusetts, USA for the winter. I'm between Millbury and my condo in Provincetown, Cape Cod, which I'm hoping to sell.

In December 2009, I collected my van from the eBay seller (a dealer) and drove 10,000 miles between Oregon and Massachusetts, spending 5 of the 6.5 month journey in California. I camped with other VWs at club events and overnighted free wherever I could; see my blog for where we stayed (http://yeswecanjourney.wordpress.com pages Route, Thanks & Travel tips).

Most fun? So many of examples. I guess it's the SLOW DRAG race at the Spring Fling event held by the Orange Empire Bus Company near Corona, California on 1st Sunday in May. We came 2nd in the 2010 race. Watch the youtube video of the final here.

What got me started was a reunion with cousins in the UK in August 2009, some of whom had VW vans and buses.
What I love most about my camper van is that it's like the dog I don't yet have: it introduces me to other people who are always nice (like you) AND it makes others (and me) smile! My THANKS page on my blog makes me smile very time I read it; the people who befriended my and my VW van on the road between OR and MA were wonderful. When I set off, I knew only three people I was going to visit. I could never have imagined all the new friends that were ahead.

I'd like this group to be about supporting each one of us with our dreams related to our VWs, building confidence for our travels, and giving us connections across the USA and around the world. I'd also like to gain more understanding of my VW and ways to keep it in tip top condition.
What I can bring to this group is my initiative for starting new things; my energy and enthusiasm, skills in social media, blog design, writing and photography; and my strange British sense of humour.

Something about me: I dreamed of coming to America yet never knew it would take 15 years for my green card (which allows me to live and work in USA). During all those years I flew back and forth countless times, living half a year in Massachusetts and half in England. Now I'm here, I'm ready to start my life over. At the age of 55 it's a bit of a challenge! My YesWeCan road trip in 2010 was to inspire me and others to follow our dreams.

I'm on Facebook as The YesWeCan CamperVan and Carole Brown
ALSO PLEASE JOIN ME HERE at the YesWeCan Journey blog

I can't wait to meet you all!

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Hello. I am Paula Whitney and live in Walnut Creek California.

I drive a 1997 Eurovan camper and am the original owner. It was a dream of mine since childhood to own a VW camper and as much as I covet the charm of the older styles, when it came to obtaining one for our family, we opted for the new model.  The van has been multi-purpose for us, being a car to haul a group (we have the one with the removable extra bench seat), move furniture, and, of course, take road trips.It has been our primary vehicle for many years of road trips to visit family in Washington State. With each visit we work to find new spots while still visiting ones we enjoyed on previous trips. (We are not above out of the way side trips like Glacier and Yellowstone.)

I have had an account on VW Camper Family for at least a couple years, but I have not been active. Now recently retired, I hope to have more opportunity for adventures. Having met one of your active members last weekend at a local neighborhood car show I was reminded that VW Camper Family is a good way to begin.

I hope to connect with a community of like minded individuals, make new friends, and expand my knowledge of the VW camper line, and the many places of delight to take them.

Thank you - Paula Whitney


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