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Mike and I have been planning a trip to California Caverns, near Angel's Camp. I have never seen stalagmites and stalagtites and the other remarkable underground mineral phenomena, and I really want to go! While Moaning Caverns, etc. sounds more exciting, California Caverns is/are more generally accessible (for those of us such as myself, who is missing a significant amount of cartilage in the left knee and has a hardware store in the right).
As far as camping, Bigtreeway and Westywoman know the Gold Country camp areas near Angel's Camp way better than I. Anybody wanna go Jan 23-24?

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No, No, we're on topic! It's the reason we need to go in January . . . I swear, it's pertinent! :-)

Regis said:
No hi-jacking. New thread pleez. Brett. Brett. Where's Brett. Brett!

Joe Ehrlich said:
"our frenzy of looking for and moving to a neighborhood about an hour north of you"

We still have a few months to go before we can do anything. So, Jan is the best and BLM camping would be great. I'm cracking the map, so to speak, later this eve. Didn't you see some BLM (or NFS) that looked promising, which was near the caverns?

Regis said:
So,,, you're buying land, a ponderosa if ya will, for the first official vwcamperfamily headquarters?

Right on!
Si, senor.

Regis said:
You have the San Andreas map?

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