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LiMBO Newsletter Features VW Camper Family & No Cal Campers at Rio Vista

The latest issue of LiMBO's Transporter newsletter features an article penned by me about our growing Northern California camping group and mentions VWcamperfamily.com as well as a few upcoming GTG's.  It also includes photos of the recent campout at Rio Vista.  You can find a link to it on my website here:http://www.westywoman.com/Home/VW_Camper_Links.html

It's at the bottom of the list of links.  Enjoy!   And then join LiMBO-it's only $15!

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Glad you enjoyed, Regis. I hope we get some more activity from it.

Regis said:
Nice write up. Guaranteed to throw some looks this way.
Cool. What a cool newsletter!

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