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A periodic short reminder on Forum and Blog rules.


The VW Camper Family group was created to help everyone


-use their VW Buses like they were supposed to


-do things that are related to camping


-organize campouts and share tips and tricks that we have all learned.




We have two primary rules:

Be Nice - we aren't interested in flame wars, trolls, spam, political conversations, or any adverse conversation that would affect our ability to camp. Save *those* conversations for the campfire, or other websites.

Keep the conversation limited to VW's and camping.


The administrators of the group have and will suspend members for violating the rules, and will act in the interest of  "the group". As such, there are some implied sublaws that come from the primary law - be nice.

-We respectfully request that you be kind to your camphosts and park rangers. We always want to be invited back.

-We also respectfully request that you be kind to your fellow VW Camper Family members.


This posting may be periodically reposted as a reminder, especially as the group gets bigger.


Toasted marshmellows and beer,



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