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When you are getting ready for a good roadtrip.

What are the tools & spare parts you take along?

Just in case. :)


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1 Good universal tool set in it's own case. CV joint tool, rear axel nut tool, multimeter,2#  hammer, high lift jack, Bentley manual, axel nut t-wrench, trans case oil drain tool,  8,500 # winch,extra gas, jumper cables. Parts-ECU,idle stabilizer, fuel pump,coil, fuel line,vacuum line,clamps,oil engine and trans, brake fluid ,fuel filter, oil filter, CV joint and axel, extra bolts and washers for CV axle, wheel bearings front and rear,rear wheel bearing housing, ball joints, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, lots of different relays and fuses,light bulbs, small box of screws and nuts and bolts, wire several sizes, small hand oil pump for trans oil, funnel for oil, axel grease,weather radio in my CB radio, good spare tire.  You can never have to much, but then you end up not having  what you need. I have all this because we take our Syncro far into the back country! And then even if you don't need all this your friends will.

That's awesome Joseph
Thank you very much
I will start building my kit

Cool! Get your tool set then start to add to it. A lot of the extra parts come by when you are changing a part before it goes out. Then you keep the old one as a spare , Like the  fuel pump. Get filters first then pump second and so on. Like CV's you could get by with just the right tools and grease. When they go out they will limp along with extra grease for a long time with just clicks when you turn a corner. VW's - they are good at getting you there even if they are just limping along. Good luck.   Joseph

Fuel pump and filter.

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