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Any idea what max towing is for 1.9L automatic? Want to pull about 1200#'s this summer without problems.

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When I put the second unit in (on a road trip emergency repair) a Go Westy oil cooler upgrade was installed. It mounts under the vehicle and supposedly has better cooling capacity. Being on the East coast shipping for these types of jobs is not insignificant. My second tranny came with a defective torque convertor that only leaked when hot. It was in and out twice to confirm this. Needless to say these types of problems are not fun, but more common as the rebuilds are on older and older parts.  You just have to assume everyone is doing the best they can and cross your fingers!

Gary Marrs said:

It's great having them just down the road a piece too. I bought my tranny from them several year ago, and a few months back the cap for the governor started leaking. I went down to their shop and ask if I could get an "O" ring for it, and it was sure, and they gave it to me for free !!! As for towing, the vanagon will tow easily, there will be a price to pay although with an automatic, as will cause them to run hotter, and that is an automatic's worse enemy.

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