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Hello everyone,

I was leaving for work this morning and noticed something wrong, very wrong.  My 1986 VW Vanagon was not in my driveway.  T-Rex is fawn-brown, with beige curtains.  License plate #2CRZ977, older white CA LP with sunset. The back bumper is dented. If you happen to see T-Rex on the road please call the SFPD at 415-553-0123.  Thanks for your help!


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I posted it to Big Blue's and VW Camper Family Facebook, and the blog. I hope you get it back soon!
I hear T-REX has been recovered, albeit a bit dirty.
Hi! Yes, T-Rex was found!  I went hunting for T-Rex after work and found her about 5 blocks away, curtains pulled and filled with junkie, hobo stuff.  Looks like this person broke in, coasted down the hill and parked where ever T-Rex stopped.  The bus was filled with stolen fitness gear, hobo supplies, and what ever else he swapped from his shopping cart. Unfortunately, the junkie had a cut hand and got blood all over the place.  Yuck!  T-Rex getting cleaned tomorrow.  Thank you to everyone who posted and shared their concern for T-Rex.  It is so nice to know that we have friends out there from coast to coast.  If you ever see T-Rex out on the road be sure to wave!

Call the SFPD and have them take a swab of that blood before you clean her.  They can probably locate your bus loving friend in no time.

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