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Hello - I just reclaimed my great old bus/camper from storage and am looking for an old used engine just so I can get it started and see the status of all other mechanical issues.

Any recommendations??? I've done considerable online research but have only found used engines for $600 up.  I was just thinking of an inexpensive  engine from a salvage yard.

I'm semi-retired and would love to have a few more great outings in "her"

Thanks, Patricia

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Patricia, $600 is not too bad, for a full engine, if it runs.

But there are many vw mechanics in the North bay, I would just call around and see what they have laying around.. you may be able to score something that will work.


Adam's right - $600 isn't bad for an engine. Check with Paul at Valley Wagonworks in San Rafael or there's a guy in Glen Ellen which is really close to you but I can't remember his name right now - Gary maybe? His shop is right in "downtown" Glen Ellen and is impossible to miss.

Hi everyone ....it's Patricia again.  Has anyone had any luck using engine sealant as a temporary "fix" for a cracked engine casing??  If so, any suggestions as to what to watch for  re: engine et al function when using this temp fix.


Did you look at the engine for sale in South SF?

Where did you see the ad? 

Ma'ili Point Westy said:


Did you look at the engine for sale in South SF?

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