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Regis is now sporting an 85 Westy Weekender

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Yo, Frank.  How goes it.  Can't even explain how good it feels to back in the mix.

I've been searching everyday since I had to sell the '78 knowing that something would come my way when it was time.

I also can't explain the Vanagon experience.  So thus far,  I've  had a Split, a Bus and now a Vanagon.  

Ooo la la 

My buddy who lives in Las Vegas and Honolulu bought a Westy from one of our vwcamper family member and has been hooked and now a Westy addict.

See you at one of the camps.  Checkout BBB in January.

Great to have you back!

Thanks.  I have a few things to address before I feel totally road worthy.  I'm penciled in for the Rio Vista GTG in Feb  and Bus City.  

I find it totally appropriate that you have had a splitty, a breadbox and now a brick. May the force be with you! Looking forward to enjoying our repartee once again at a future GTG!

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