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A camping forum for VW bus and camper owners.

I am interested to know how many women have joined this group and how many have their own VW camper van or drive one? 

Thanks for your replies! 

There are enough of us ... so I started a NEW GROUP on VW Camper Family, called 

Look under groups or click here 


Would you like to join to network with other women, share advice, news and fun things about your VW experiences? 

Please tell others, too. 
Carole Brown and her YesWeCan CamperVan

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If you overlook California's community property laws, the bus is essentially mine. The husband just sleeps there. I roll him out if we have trouble and we wrench on it together.

Shari and her White/Black 1960 Panel/EZCamper
conversion with homespun camper kit.
I have an orange '75 Westie! Bought her from another gal. I am the sole owner.

'84 Westy here. All mine. Third one.
I Have a 73 Westy we call her Clemantine.
My 1st vehicle that's It's in my name :) It's my passion but I'm working on my hubby , He too is now enjoying bus life :)
My 6 yr old son just loves our bus!
I'm not as much an 'independently-campervan-owning' woman as some here are. :-)

I instigated our getting 'Esme'. I can, and have driven, especially when we're on extended road trips. But I don't have great depth perception, so I have trouble doing stuff like parking it in tightly-spaced slots. (I suppose I should just take a couple of days and develop my own depth benchmarks, which is how I manage to drive a car.)

Neither S nor I are very mechanical. And since he's self-employed, he usually winds up dealing with arranging Esme's trips to the mechanic.

But we both enjoy being out and about in 'Esme'.
I'm still learning to drive my Stick shift :( So my husband does most of it while I master the art of Stop and go at lights , Hills and parking her ... This is work. He too takes care of her issues but I want to learn more this year on my own so I too can change her oil, plugs, and set points etc... I can change a tire :)

What a great hubby I have.
i have an 86 westy, t-rex. t-rex is my only vehicle and she takes me where ever i need to go. well, kinda...
My 10 year old daughter and I are two women to one guy in our VW Camper. We also take it on girl scout trips and leave him home.
I call the Bus "mine" - but "Legally" it belongs to The Husband. But I use it for a daily..'cept that our son doesn't like riding it in (something about his friends don't accept "that kind of vehicle..") - But when I went to church on Sunday, my pastor nearly jumped up and down over it - "That your Bus??!!!" "Uhh..." Is IT??" - "Are you makin' fun a' my Bus?" "No!! I REALLY LIKE IT!! THAT"S SO COOL!!" -- I kid you not, the man nearly jumped up and down while he was talkin' to me ! ~ 'Course some of the elderly members haven't 'xactly warmed up to the Bus...ahh well...it's so wonderful to drive & be in. Jus' love it.
Hello gals!! Thanks for all your replies - in my absence. I could make an excuse and say I was too busy driving, but as some of you know, though I've been traveling since mid December, sometimes I've stayed with new friends in their homes.
I've just left Canyon RV park, nr Yorba Linda, CA, after a real camp out (honest). Three nights. I even washed a bunch of clothes by hand today and hung them out to dry before leaving, just to get even closer to the simple life.
The weekend was great fun (thanks to OECB annual S[ring Event) and I am proud to say that Dexter (my Westy's name given by first owner, also female) and I got into the final of the 'Slow Drag Race'. We were about to win when the engine stalled.
What is a 'Slow Drag Race - it's the slowest between two markers that wins. Cannot use brake or clutch to adjust speed. I'll write more on my blog at http://yeswecanjourney.wordpress.com/ and also post pics at the Van's facebook and youtube channels shown on the blog.
I agree.

Deon Reynolds said:
I'm getting off subject here. But, for several reasons every "couple" should have both names on the title.
Absolutely - Here it's nearly an act of congress to either take a name off the title, or add one on. But as long as I brace myself ahead of time for all the BS then I'll be ok. One woman at the DMV office didn't even know what a Bus is/was. How scary is that??

Michael H said:
I agree.

Deon Reynolds said:
I'm getting off subject here. But, for several reasons every "couple" should have both names on the title.

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