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I really want an easy way to make great coffee. I would find it pure luxury to have instant hot water available in my van ( Like from the tap). If any one has any ideas I would love to hear it. I tried to get my husband to install a Keurig single serve pod coffee machine but he says no go.
Currently I think boiling water and using a french press is the best I do.

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coffee, like chili, is beset with religiosity.   the trails to glory, and there are many, all summit at the same metaphyiscal GPS coordinates at the mountaintop from where you can see it all and the coffee is perfect to your personal preference.

Some of you have been victims of the legendary "cowboy" coffee served from a modified cream can (small milk can).  this is one of the trails to the mystical nirvana of the magic bean.  no matter how you approach your personal  coffee crux move, if the result is not to your liking at the time, just do it again, after rotating the cooker 90degrees to the left.  

Fresh ground beans are not essential but very desirable.  Larry of mags and larry has used a turkish coffee mill attached to the normal electric drill to git er done.  Others have more elegant hand powered grinders. 

But in the words of willie and joe (Bill Mauldin's "Up Front")  "drop them cans in the coffee gentle, Joe, we got a chicken stewin in the bottom"  it's clearly an individual act, this coffee and chicken thing.  Just hold the chicken.  Sorry, Jack


Here's that craftsman grinder at work. 


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