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My bus sports one of those Sylvania LED stick-on lights. Works well. Cheap. I have it stuck on the metal just inside the rear hatch. Good "momentary" light for when I am laying down or when I want to fish something out of the back area after dark.

Being a lunkhead supreme, I managed to put a folding chair up against it which switched it on and wore down the batteries. Much to my amazement, the lights are user-serviceable. The double sticky-back tape that was tasked with sticking it to the wall is now history. If only.....it was magnetic instead of glued! 

Well, shazzam! Lookey here: http://www.amazon.com/Hard-Case-Light-Energizer-Flashlights/dp/B003...

This might also be useful if one needed to wrastle around in their engine compartment. Just sayin'.

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