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* Bureau of Land Management Sites
*K*Mart or Wal*Mart parking lots (make sure they allow over night parking as some states do not allow)
*National Forest Land (free if no interactions with rangers)
*Interstate Rest Areas
*Church parking lots

Taken from member SWIFTRIVER:
"Free spot near Fort Bragg, Ca...... One spot I have been using for more than 15 years.... N. of Fort Bragg, Go 15 miles to Westport... Then 2 Mi
North of Westport to Westport Union landing state beach. Heading North,
go to the last exit to the State park and campground on the left... It
is the day use area at the North end. Directly across the highway from
the day use lot, you will see a Cal Trans pit area. At the South end of
that is a narrow paved road. Follow that back about 150 feet. Park
behind the trees, on the wide grassy area so that the mansion on the
hill can't see you. You can see the ocean from there, but nobody can see
you from the highway. Hike toward the mountain 500 feet, on the
overgrown trail, and there is an abandoned blue and white '84 Vanagon
that has been overgrown and hidden back there for 3 years now. All the
glass and motor are intact, so nobody ever goes back there. I was there
last week, and it is still one of my favorite free spots. I wouldn't
have a fire, but you can do everything else."

taken from Yes We Can:
Most times, I parked for the night in:
- quiet streets after going round the block a few times to check out the area (even did this in LA)
- church car parks or in the street outside a church
- Walmart, after checking on the individual store policy (only place that I found not allowing overnight
parking was Oxnard, CA)
- once, just off the highway ... I-40 ramp eastbound at Winona exit, at top of ramp there's small road to the right
- a few hours in rest areas, sometimes midnight to 6:00am! (never tried this in CA as most were closed anyway)
- in 24 hour McDonalds - great free wifi too

Draw your Curtains Tight
Park under lights so interior lights cannot be seen
Hang curtain behind front seats
Arrive Late/Leave Early

Alright, thats all from me~ I want to hear your tips! :D

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if you have GPS I came across this amazing website: http://www.boondocking.org/
Castle Lake (Northern CA)
we´ve camped in the parking lot of Castle Lake in Shasta National Forest near Lake Siskiyou. There were no non-camping or non-overnight-parking signs and some people were also tent camping along the lake. It´s a beautiful area!


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