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Rolling on the Tremclad

Here, I will try to document how a rolled on $50 paint job went on our 1974 Campmobile.

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Comment by Scott on August 1, 2011 at 10:10pm

Here is an update, and some new pics...


The $50 paint job, actually cost about $100.


What I thought would take a weekend, took two weeks.


Originally I set out to Roll on the Tremclad, as described in thesamba.com forums.


Unfortunately, tintable oil based Tremclad is no longer sold in Canada.  Water based Tremclad is available, but they are unable to custom tint Tremclad "Bright Orange".  So, I changed the plan, and opted for the less desireable Tremclad rattle can.


First off, I gotta say, it was a ton of work. 


Excluding bondo and bodywork, the prep time and paint application took somewhere in the range of  20-25 hours.


We still have lots of work ahead (repainting the roof, and painting some bumpers that I salvaged last summer).  But overall, we are very pleased with the outcome.


I have even seen passers-by taking pictures of our bus!



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