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Wednesday… It's a humper…

Well, we have had some actual reader comments associated with our blog.  Lisa K winning the first Secret Word contest and last night it was our buddy Jeff who reaped the benefits of reading the blog and cashing in on the blog incentive to read.  I wonder who will be the next individual to cash in on the freebies we are offering?  Only one winner per week, but keep providing us comments besides just telling us the secret word.  We need feedback to help us refine our writing and subject matter to better suit you guys and your lifestyle.

FYI - I try to listen to the Brian & Jill Show, which is a podcast that is broadcast out of Burbank here in So Cal usually on a daily basis.  I started listening kinda late since I was a Noob to the podcast thing and so I have had a backlog of them to listen to.  I'm trying to get the backlog of them listened to, so maybe I can listen to a couple of them each day.   I had enjoyed listening to Mark & Brian for many, many years, but since they decided to quit last August and do different things, I kinda missed their silliness and humor.  Mark is now doing a podcast with his wife Lynda from their South Carolina home and it is relationship based, which I have no impending use for.  Brian teamed up with his long time friend Jill Whelan, formally from the TV show, The Love Boat, back when she was just a teenager.  Secret word = Humpin'.  I did not really watch that show because I was probably working during those hours or I was out partying someplace.  Or maybe I just had god taste in TV shows.  Anyway, I enjoy their banter on their podcast and the way they interact together.  I also like the fact of the podcast which allows you to listen to it whenever you want.  It is much more convenient then having to get up at 6 AM to just to listen to an audio broadcast. 

I am now dealing with Kaiser Permanente, my HMO health provider trying to get in touch with my doctors who have since left Kaiser and are out there working someplace on their own.  Kaiser has been absolutely worthless helping with this injury claim.  They won't even provide a mailing address for these doctors, so I will have to track them down personally online I guess.  I also found out that Kaiser does not have services available in the Midwest, notably in Illinois, where I may end up living primarily.  That decision is still yet to be made, probably will be made during our 2015 US Backroads Tour.  

This upcoming tour is the main reason for this blog, to actually be able to keep in touch with my family and peeps. Linus, Snoopy and I are all looking forward to this trip, which has been a dream for us since way back. We are still looking for some suggestions for where to visit and what to put on our agenda.  We really could use your help with this part of our trip planning.  We know many of you have been all over this country visiting outrageous places and sightseeing all those wonderful views out there.  From Yosemite National Park in the West to the autumn colors of New England in the East, we are expecting great views all along the way.  Know of some roadside attraction that you could not forget?  How about some mom & pop diner along the old original Route 66 that has been long passed by the new interstate highway?  How was the view from the Great Smoky Mountains, or from the nearby Appalachian Trail?  How was your childhood visit to Yellowstone National Park, the first official National Park designated by President Teddy Roosevelt?  Got a great story about the time you got wasted down in Margaritaville or the Florida Keys?  These are the stories we are looking for.  Won't you please give us some feedback in our blog comments section or recommend some awesome place we are not yet aware of?  Let us hear ya, okay?

Good grief, Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals has already started, and the Hawks have scored the first goal!  I should close this puppy out for the day.

Until next time, Be Good!

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