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I'm not sure if I'm into rainbow glitter tinted windows, and I don't know how much a starter costs... but $2600 seems decent for this bus. The pictures look good. 

1979 VW Bus- Type II - $2600 (Colfax and Wads-Lakewood)

Date: 2011-07-20, 3:48PM MDT
Reply to: sale-ryjqj-2504631491@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

This is a unique 1979 VW Bus with rainbow glitter tinted windows. It ran great a few years ago then the starter went out and I have not had the money to put into it. It has been covered until recently and needs some love. I have had it for a long time and would love to hold onto this classic and restore it but can't see how it's possible for me to put money into it anytime soon. Clean inside and out. Thanks for looking. Call 307-761-2845 
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Over the "few years" since the starter went bad they haven't managed to scrounge up the whopping $75 for a new one? There's more wrong here than just that godawful window tint....

I thought that too, I mean the picture looks so nice... I wonder if it's a fake. Dishonest ad on Craig's List? NO WAY!!! 


Its probably a  real ad they just have been watching too much Barrett Jackson.......  Thats in Denver?  I think I have seen that one as well.  Hard to forget the rainbow windows. 

Yeah, I don't think it's a scam or anything, I just think that (years to replace $75 part)+(terrible tint)=clueless owner.

If it's rust-free and doesn't have any terrible hacks it might be worth $2500 for the body alone, I suppose.

I agree 4 years to wait for a starter ? In that time fuel and parts of the fuel system are done, tires are done, probly some sort of vermin. I would expect to buy a nice body but go in to it with the mind set of a non runner. Then if it does run and drive bonus !! Like the color . I bet you could get that thing for a lot less, looks like a straight bus .
I dunno. I bet something bad is wrong and they blame the starter for it. I agree with Ryan. Assume non runner.

Hey Jeremy, is this bus still for sale?

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