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Thinking about buying a set for Doodle. Want to hear the pros and Cons. I like the agressive tread pattern. Thoughts? Road noise?

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Ive had a hard time finding these in a 14 inch rim. I think they'd be great. You might get some more road noise with the open tread pattern. They also have a tough sidewall.
I think the smallest size offered is a 235/75-R 15, or so my local tire shops tell me. I have always loved the grip I got off road on my 3/4 ton Chevy 2wd, and the quiet ride I had at highway speeds. As far as a bus goes, I have this tire size mounted on stock rims that I removed from one of my S-Class Mercedes (the same rims that Go Westie reproduces), they bolted up nicely to my '86 Vanagon SYNCRO. There is just enough room to slide my fingers between the tire sidewall and suspension. There was plenty of room between the top of the tire and the wheel openings. The ride around town is great, even with the tires pumped up to the 50p.s.i. maximum pressure recomendation, and aside from a little rub from the occasional sharp turn into a steep driveway at speed. With the extra two inches of lift from being a Syncro, off road driving is okay, at slow speeds. I am still in need of some lift and/or stiffer springs to stop the minor rub from the top of the front tire to the wheel opening, mostly for turning with alot of suspension movement. If you up grade your suspension, or can find a smaller BFG all terrain, and slow down for steeper driveways, you should be okay, but in all honesty, you may not be able to fit the wheels as is. I do overall recomend the BFG. Check out my photo, you should be able to see my tires, enlarge it if you can, I also felt the need for twelve off road lights on the roof. Good luck to you. Fellow VW owner, and Buses By The Beach member, Mike Van Heest

Kirk, I have Bridgestone AT's on mine and I love them although they are "C" rated.  Yes there is a bit of road noise but your in a VW bus with the windows down anyway!!!


I am actually seriously think about the BFG's since they are "D" rated.  If I can swing it I am trying to get them before the Classic.



Sorry, I meant to post these. They come in a 14. 


Here's a thread from TheSamba with a picture of them on if you scroll down:




On tirerack.com they show a 195/75/14 size that will work. I think they are recently re-available. Ive always liked them on my trucks/suvs, so I may give them a shot on the bus.


Thanks for the info so far.

Costco can get them but I was quoted well over $600 for 4 , I was going to get the cooper srm but they are now nla . So I went with the kooks... I know so boring ha.
205/75r15 General Grabber AT2's is what i have on Fred. i like them BUT, on your big bay, i'd be concerned about sidewall stiffness
I've thought about that, they show to be a "D" load rated tire. I think that will work, i was just worried about fitment. I think I'm just gonna do it.
If they can fit on my fat lip split then they'll fit on that bay, no problem
I'm running 195/75/14's in the Bridgestone with plenty of room!!  I was going to go with the stock type 15" rims Go Westy has and then go with a cheaper Yokohama "D" rated all terrain but a $1000 bill was a bit hard to swallow.  I will go a lot less with the BFG's probably for the last time since 14"ers are getting hard to find.

Hey there Kirk,


I have them on my '74.  They are great tires.


Our options are either the BF Goodrich's or Yokohama's here in Canada (we have some Chinese options, but the quality is questionable).  I have had both on my van, andprefer the BF Goodrich's over the Yokohama's.


The Yokohama's just don't grip as nicely, and the tread pattern looks a little wimpy to the BF's.


The Yokohama's are quieter, and smoother on highway's - but frankly, in my van, the road noise is the least of the sounds I hear (whether it be wind noise, the stereo playing, or sound of a flat four working overtime).


Hope this helps,


I ordered BFG's last week.  Got two in yesterday and two more on the way from North Carolina.  I hope to have them on for the drive to the classic.

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