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Buying a bus sight unseen, on the other side of the country...

Is there some advice for this? We found another bus on the East Coast. I talked to the owner and it seems legit, but I am slightly nervous about handing over money and hoping a bus shows up someday in the future.


Any advice would be helpful.



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I sweat over this. If your serious and have the cash in hand I would fly over there and get it but then I've heard people do this and the car is different from the pic's etc. It's always nice to have a friend or family member that will go check it out for you too. I saw a 21 window for sale in Maryland for 12,500... but that sounds like a scam. Good luck.

Post to the various lists, type2.com, vanagon,com, wetwesties asking for eyes on. There are literally thousands of members....


That's what we do.



Straight up post it on the Samba. Let people know the location of the bus and see if someone will scope it out for you.


Regardless, I'd never send money sight unseen to a private person.  Never Never Never.

I have sent partial payment before pickup before but I always picked up the vehicle myself.  That seems to be a long way to go for a bus.  Aren't you in bus mecca on the west coast?  I would be leary of an east coast bus due to potential rust issues.

Follow up on this. As soon as I said we would send someone by to look at it, he said it was sold. Could be legit. Maybe not. No longer an issue. I know there are tons here in Cali, but this had the perfect setup.


Thanks, all, for the advice.

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