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We are here in Hollister and heading south tomorrow. We are going down to Acton to the the Thousand Trails there until next Friday when we will be heading out to Death Valley. Hoping to see many of you there. Then it's off toward BBB.

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John LaTorre said:
I'm at Lake Havasu City now (but without the trailer ... long story). Sorry that you won't be here. I'll try to have three times as much fun, so I can cover for you.

Sounds good. Have a good time, we'll see you at the caverns. Jenn is using the time to start sewing the yurt, so at least we'll be productive...
I have posted photos from the Death Valley VW road trip & meet-up here:


You'll see a shot of Gary Marrs swapping out the fuel pump & filter on my bus in the campground. Thanks, Gary!

Looks like a fun trip. Great pix, thanks for sharing!
Hi everyone, been awhile since I was online. We had a great time a Death Valley and BBB. Lots of great people and then it was a few days at Sqaw Lake and now we are riding the out the weather here in Yuma, Az. at Evelyn's aunt house. Then it is off to San Diego for a few days. See ya.
Gary Marrs said:
We had a great time a Death Valley and BBB.

It was a pleasure camping with you folks at BBB! You're welcome down here any time, and that goes for all the Wet Westy crowd. I hope to see you at Maupin, if not before.

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