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Does anyone know where I can park my van and sleep overnight tonight (Friday 12/11) very close to Nevada City. We are going to the Christmas celebration event and don't want to drive back to Sacramento afterward.

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I've never stayed, but it's one of the nicest fairgrounds in the state.
The link reads: RV park: "open all year round" GRASS VALLEY, CA Phone: 916-273-6217
Looks good, I'll try it out.
Now that I have BLM-NFS maps, there's a ton of public land up around Malakoff Diggins State Park! About 45 minutes away from Nevada City off Hwy 49.

Blake Heinlein said:
Looks good, I'll try it out.
I am a month late, but... The Miners foundry cultural center parking lot is a good stealth camping spot. Park in the far corner so your slider faces the blackberry bushes, and be stealthy. I do it all the time! Walking distance to everything, and really quiet too.
Great location. We'll have to try it next time we are up there. Shhhh, stealthy!

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