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I have a 1975 Vanagon. The body has been professionally restored and I have only a few miles on a brand new GEX 2.2 engine.

My insurance agent says that it cannot be insured above "Book" value ($1,500) because I actually use the bus for transportation and camping.


Thanks,  Johnny Mac

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Hmmmm...what makes you think it should be valued above book?

Also, and I don't say this to be mean, but because it's important when dealing with insurance (gotta know what the vehicle actually is before you can insure it, right: there's no such thing as a 1975 Vanagon; the first year for Vanagons was 1980. You have a 1975 Bus/Transporter.

You need agreed value insurance that's what I have. If your Ins. Co. does not have it find another one! Does not cost much more. My Syncro is at $30,000 and my tin top ABA2.0 camper is $10,000 . And it's one of the few vehicles out there that's going up every year! And don't get roped into Stated Value Ins. you don't want that! Good luck.

Agreed, don't take standard insurance value. I spoke to a local guy who insures classic cars. Once I convinced him of the value of mine (brand new mechanically including brand new '02 Impreza EJ25, he just dealt with whomever he deals with to obtain his coverage and we were good to go at total, real value.

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