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I thought it might be helpful to post junkyard finds in case someone is searching for a specific part.


I found this '78 today.  Engine is gone.  Slider window is nice.  Two front seats with original brown vinyl weave.  Send me a message if you need something or want details.


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Sent you a friend request so I can then send a message. Hope we can talk soon while I'm still in the area.
Poor Bus.... No rust. Looks fixable :-)
Looks like a pick n pull? Where at?
The VW dismantler place in Rancho Cordova, Ca. has a nice looking complete rust free 78 country homes camper conversion. I can't believe people are still throwing buses away. I hope someone saves it. No Rust or dents visible in their picture. Interior looks good too.... Shame for it to get crushed.
Where is the VW dismantler in Rancho? Do they let you get your own parts? I always go to the pick n pull there. I haven't seen a bus in almost two years. There is always a vanagon or two, but that doesn't do much good for me. Everyone please keep an eye out for type 3s (squarebacks, fastbacks, notchbacks). If you see one, let me know.

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