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Anyone know how to access the Westfailia.org site? All I can get is the Yahoo home page, did they lose their domain or something? Jeezzz I don't know what I'll do without Captain Mike's (RIP) tech advice and verbal abuse. I need to go through the Volt meter / ECU test and he had a step by step procedure in the tech archives, you had to drill down through all the stock "look it up in the Bently, see posting rules, this belongs in another catagory, post deleated by moderator" stuff...but it was really informative, I'd hate to lose this resource....


Philip Harvey

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That was, is and invaluable site.  Capt. Mike could be Capt. Caustic at times but he had a point of staying on topic and making the individual self-help to find the answers.

I did read that the Captain passed away and he will be missed.

Hopefully the site lives on at least in his memory.

I'll try browsing around also.

This is the closest hit I got.  Dunno if it'll help.


Thanks Regis... Followed that up and can get to archived screenshots of the site but can't access the forums, Boo Hoo that was my go to site for tech stuff. I fixed most problems after sitting down with the laptop and looking and studying, and almost always Capt. Mike would nail the problem somewhere along the threads. The Bently is, although complete, not the most user friendly manual produced. Capt mike had a really great step by step proceedure to use a volt meter on which pins and what readings you needed to trouble shoot the ECU. Wish I'd printed it out. 

So what do you think ,they lost the domain?

It's definitely our loss as Westy Owners to lose this resource

Thanks Again for your research



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