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My wife and I may be spending a couple of months in Whitefish this summer.

Any bus people in the area?

Any info about Whitefish and the surrounding areas as well?



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Yes and some. Are you coming to visit, or coming to move, or visiting before a possible move?
We were planning on moving there for the summer, but my job didn't come through. However, it is something that could materialize some future summer. We were going to trailer the bus out with a Uhaul. The job would have been from June-August.

Man, I bet there are some great places to camp around there. Although, I was worried about my old engine in the mountains. I live in Coastal Carolina which is pretty flat. This summer, I'll take my bus into the mountains of Western, NC for the High Country Bus Festival. That will be her first trip, with me, into any sort of altitude. Before the bus we'd always taken our Eurovan to HCBF. But my Eurovan days are over.

So, sorry for going so far off topic, but, I may be headed to Whitefish sometime, someday, if I'm lucky.

There are a couple guys from Whitefish on itinerant-air-cooled.com, "bumblebus" and "LittletrainJames". You'd have to join the forum to talk to them. If I remember correctly, bumblebus works at Big Mountain ski resort up there.

While they'd be able to give you better info and specifics, I'll tell you that you'd win that bet about the great places to camp. It's like 45 minutes to the West entrance of Glacier National Park, and about the same to Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake (take that, Lake Tahoe!) West of the Mississippi. Add to that untold acres of National Forests and you'll think you've died and went to camping heaven. Really. Unless you have some weird fetish about the ocean, you could do just about anything you want and never have to leave Montana again.

The mountains are tough on buses, but really only on the interstate and bigger highways. Climbing steep forest roads is easy enough because you can be shameless about using lower gears. Buses will really climb just about anything, given some patience and good tires. (They have great clearance too, unless they've been lowered for some ridiculous reason.) Trying to hurry up a pass in 4th gear on the interstate is what'll (eventually) kill the poor thing.

If you come through, give me a holler.

Thanks for the all of the info. As far as a fetish for the beach... nah. It's the warm weather! I was trying to get a job at a golf club in Whitefish. I'm a tennis pro and the two sports go together like cheerios and bananas.

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